Things Grandma Diann Wants You To Know #1 ~ Live With Character

Here’s my list for Jake.
1. See the good in everyone. Life is much more interesting when you do; you will find friends when you least expect them.
2. Enjoy the blessings of each day. Being grateful means you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself; it can almost always be worse.
3. Find work you enjoy. Being fulfilled in your work life is important since you spend so much more time there.
4. Live the serenity prayer. Accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can; understand the difference.
5. Be a caring, loving husband and father. Nothing will bring you more joy than your children and nobody will matter so much as the person you choose to be your partner in life.
6. Be a loyal friend. Sometimes they will carry you when nothing else will; hold on to them throughout your life ~ don’t let them go.
7. Always have an open mind. People are full of surprises and new ideas can be inspiring.
8. Always try new things. You never know when something new will change your life.


2 Responses to “Things Grandma Diann Wants You To Know #1 ~ Live With Character”

  1. Just Ramblin' Pier Says:

    What a great list! Each rings true and can have such a postive impact on one’s life.

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