Practical Advice For My Son #2 ~ How To Use The Washer

I wouldn’t normally do two practical things in a row, but in an homage to a commenter, I felt compelled to write this. A man I don’t know commented that I should tell my son how to run laundry because most men don’t really know how to use a washer or a dryer. His comment was that these machines should be shaped like women!

So here goes. First, there is never a real need to use hot water, warm will always do. Saves money, saves the environment. Second, don’t put your wadded up, inside out, socks and pants in the washer without unwadding, unfolding and generally right side outing everything (except black which I will get to in a minute). Check your pockets, we have washed a lot of IDs, licenses, important school papers, money, over the years. You never know when you might want that phone number and once its washed you can’t read it.

Since you will always use Shaklee (purchased, of course, from your mother) you will put one to two ounces of laundry soap in the bottom of the washer along with a small scoop of laundry booster. Turn on the water, let everything dissolve. Separate light and dark and very heavy items (do these in their own load, like the towels). If you have new colored clothing, do it separately or only with like colors. If you have nice new blacks, turn them inside out to wash, it will preserve the black. Make sure you do your sheets and towels at least once a week! If you like softener, put the correct measure of softener in the post. Set the water level to the size load and put on regular wash, no need for extra rinses.

Put your clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet (recyclable of course) and set on either regular or permanent press (for synthetics, dress shirts/pants, blends, things you would prefer not to have shrink like favorite t-shirts, regular for jeans, underwear, socks, towels, etc.) There is never a need to use high heat. If you use dryer balls you will shorten drying time, save on electricity and lessen wrinkles. If you don’t know what they are or where to get them, look it up on the internet, a skill I know you have. If you take your clothes out as soon as they are dry and fold or hang, you will reduce your ironing by a lot. Remember, most things will smooth out nicely when removed warm and treated right. And that doesn’t just go for laundry.


8 Responses to “Practical Advice For My Son #2 ~ How To Use The Washer”

  1. Joan Burns Says:

    loved especially your last comment!

  2. Bernie Says:

    Here is some practical advice for a young, single guy, that doesnt want to spend time doing laundry.
    If you use an oxygen booster like clorox 2, and wash in cold water, you dont have to seperate your laundry. Only when you buy new clothes with dark colors they need to be washed seperately the first time.
    Guys dont want to seperate their laundry so this works well. And also, read the labels on your clothes, you may just buy something that has to be dry cleaned.

  3. trienahg Says:

    If you use Shaklee Nature Bright, which is a laundry booster, you don’t need a lot of separating and everything is brilliantly clean.
    Ask me about it!

  4. Bernie Says:

    Im really sorry, I just noticed that you thnk Im a man. Im a woman. My name is Bernadette, bernie. So sorry for the confusion.

  5. trienahg Says:

    I don’t mind one bit. Sorry I got it wrong. Your comment was still great! Keep reading, keep commenting. I love that I have readers!

  6. Andrea Says:

    Love your last two lines best.

  7. trienahg Says:

    Thanks. I’m really having fun with this.

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