Things I Want My Son To Know #5 ~ Find Your Passion

Do something you love. You will be going to work, in some way or another, for the better part of your life. Find something you are passionate about and do it as well as you can. Most of us don’t become famous, or celebrated, or publicly acknowledged. There is a deep satisfaction in doing something you truly enjoy and doing your very best. We joke about my career, that I could have made lots of money; but I didn’t. Most of my working life was dedicated to public service. We always had what we needed. But I know that I made a difference in the lives of many and did something I believed in passionately. That gives me a comforting feeling that my life had purpose, meaning. While there are many other things that will give your life purpose and meaning, raising your children for instance, your work will be a big part of your life. Too many people settle for just “going to work” and suffering through the days and weeks. Do something that makes you never want to quit, that makes you glad to go to work. Do something you would do even if you could stay home.That’s what education gives you, the option to do what you love, to find what you love. Cherish that chance and be grateful for it; follow your dreams and don’t allow fear of lacking things stop you from it. Things will come later.

3 Responses to “Things I Want My Son To Know #5 ~ Find Your Passion”

  1. Joan Burns Says:

    Great! Keep going!

  2. trienahg Says:

    I plan on it. Some are bigger than others!

  3. gorgeouskim Says:

    hi there hows it going

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