Pants, Revisited

Ok, we moved to a new house. Weirdly, there haven’t been too many complaints about the 71-72 degree constant (dare we hope to edge toward 70?). But… the floor is travertine in most of the house which is unbelievably cold, even to me. So everyone’s feet hurt. Of course it has been in the forties which for Central Florida is a bit weird and unsettling and might have something to do with the ridiculously cold floors! But my dad has now taken to wearing the same sweatshirt, with hood, in the house for days and days and days with nothing underneath. Its as if one layer of clothing is all he can stand. Maybe multiple layers are just too heavy. Hard to know but he thought his comforter was too heavy. So we took the comforter off and now he has three blankets… but apparently those aren’t too heavy. We can’t completely ignore the muttered comments about the north pole that occasionally waft our way but the overt and personally directed complaints are in remission for the moment. This house, blessedly, appears to hold temperature a bit better than the old one which helps I think since it doesn’t really go up and down. It has been so cold and wet that we have been spared the “if you don’t wear shorts when its 50” conversation and, even better, the sight of my dad in his heaviest ski parka with nothing else on but jockey shorts. This latter visual is my teen son’s least favorite in all the world and for now, gratefully, we have revisited long pants.


Yeah, sure

I keep saying I’m going to be consistent but that’s the only thing I’ve been consistent about! it would be so nice if life was not so messy and complex but, rather, allowed us enough time to do those things we really enjoy. But… life gets in the way of life, yes it does. And it is messy and complex. The cats have it right. Sleep, eat, hunt mice, and again. So I would cook, sing and write; and again. Unfortunately that’s not how it is right now. We have moved. We have, at least apparently and momentarily, pulled our teenager back from the brink of academic disaster. Etc. etc. We have technology to fight with, I have found that this activity sucks up hours and hours each week. E-mail that doesn’t go through, computers that won’t connect, phones with a bad signal, and on and on. Its amazing the number of distractions from the core pleasures life can offer up. Work is a major diversion; and it sucks up a giant amount of time. It used to seem to be everything, now….not so much. On the back side, it feels as if I should be doing something more pleasing and self-sustaining. But money is good too. So, I will try again. And you all will say… yeah, sure.