What Did He choose?

In response to my tiny little fan base, I feel the need to give the punch line. I did let him “choose” his punishment, after much discussion. He “chose” the same punishment I imposed on him. What a surprise! Later in the week, we permitted him to go off to Universal for Halloween Horror Nights (eeuw) with other like minded teenage boys. This was the test. He had three checkpoints; first call before you leave and say who is driving and what the agenda is, second call by ten to let us know if you are coming home or sleeping elsewhere and, three tell us where you are sleeping if not coming home. First…great. Second…text message saying he wouldn’t be home (not bad but a call was required). Third…claimed he had told one of us where he would be staying prior to leaving (ok, turns out he did). So he graded himself a B- . That seemed pretty fair. We are still working on the communication issue. It really does change things when he is out riding around in cars. When he was just running the neighborhood, I could always just drive around and find him. Now, the phone is a crucial lifeline for both of us and enables us to sleep to some small extent. He seems to be starting to get it. But will I get over it?


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