Men Can’t See The Socks

Yes, I know too much has been written about the differences between men and women; all that Mars and Venus stuff. Everyone has a theory about the differences, or a version. My favorite is the one a friend told me some yeaers ago. I was complaining about the white socks that always inhabit my world (this was several years ago, now many of the little sock monsters are black). My husband wears white socks, my son wears those little short white socks (now black since he is a teenager and white is not hip). When he takes them off they fold inside out into little balls which land absolutely everywhere. I believe I have written about this previously but those little sock balls are amazing. They are in the bookcases, under the beds, in the cabinets, in the corners, inside other laundry. He runs out of socks and I buy more knowing I will fnd all the sock balls sooner or later. I have a stack of unmatched socks on an end table in my family room in the faint hope that I will find the mates. I cannot bear to put unmatched socks away in a drawer. My husband, on the other hand, just makes little piles of socks everywhere and walks by them for weeks and weeks. So, my friend’s version goes, men are hunters and women are gatherers. Therefore, when I walk around the house, I see the socks as something that requires gathering. Men, on the other hand, cannot see the socks because they are not moving! They are not something to be hunted. If you want the men to see the socks, his version goes, you should make them into something akin to a cat toy with a string that you tantalizingly drag slowly across the floor. While I have my doubts that this would motivate the men in my house to pick up the socks, and it would be much more effort than it is worth, the visual is pretty funny.


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