Water with calories

I was watching TV. There was an amazing and ridiculous commercial in which the people are all ecstatically happy because their water has only 25 calories instead of some stupidly larger amount. Add this to the list of things I absolutely don’t get (longer every day). Water is water. It is not supposed to have calories; or minerals or salt or vitamins. If you need vitamins, eat spinach or take your centrum. There is no need to pay $2 a bottle for water with vitamins. I find that I have to actually read the labels of bottled water (which I almost never buy any more) to see if they have added sodium chloride; salt! There is no need to buy water with salt. Many bottled waters claim that the added “minerals” are to enhance “flavor”. Water doesn’t really have flavor, isn’t that sort of the point? If you need salt, add it to your dinner in small quantities. If you like “minerally” tasting water, then buy water that tastes that way naturally (I favor Pellegrino, but its fizzy). If you want flavor, buy a beverage that is actually flavored like something. And for goodness sake why would you buy water with added calories???? If I wanted more calories I would eat a hot fudge sundae or some yummy fried food, I certainly wouldn’t choose to have my deliciously illicit extra calories in a bottle of water. I drink water because it is good for me and…..because it doesn’t have any calories.


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